A newly introduced adventurous sport that’s located just an hour away from Kathmandu is a high-adrenaline, safe and breathtaking aerial adventure. For an acrophobic person like me, being over 2,300 meters above sea level ion this zipline was not as easy as it might be to others. However, all I wanted was to check this adventure off my bucket list.

It all started with a road trip from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel via Araniko Highway; almost 32 kilometers, it passed in the blink of an eye as the road was pretty clear with panoramic scenery and kaleidoscopic natural riches aplenty to keep you engrossed throughout the trip. As soon as we reached our destination, we met Bhupesh Shrestha, Owner and CEO of Dhulikhel Zipline. We asked about the idea behind this adventure venture, and he said, “I, along with my partner, wanted to do something in the tourism sector, taking advantage of the natural beauty of the country. Zipline was something which is quite popular in other countries and thus we gave it a kind of tweak and introduced the first ever Superman Zipline in the country.”

Now, it was time to start the actual thrill. We were introduced to three different types of ziplines there. First, was the ‘Classic Zipline’ which was the normal, single-person kind, where one can sit and relax, enjoying the wonderful views of the mountains along with a chance to breathe fresh air in the midst of the green forest. Next was the ‘Tandem Zipline,’ specially designed for couples who are interested in adventure sports and can enjoy the moment together. The final and the most exhilarating one as they say, was the ‘Superman Zipline,’ where you will feel like a bird freely flying in the sky and enjoy perhaps the best two minutes of your life while whizzing from one point to another. I was definitely in for trying the most stirring one and so chose to try the Superman Zipline.

I immediately filled up the required forms with information regarding my age, weight and contact information in case of emergency. I was thankful I didn’t weigh any closer to 85 kgs, because those heavier than this threshold cannot take the flight. The instructors there geared me up with harness, helmet and other accessories. They also instructed me with safety tips and finally took me to the starting point.

This was the time when millions of thoughts were running through my mind and many times I thought of aborting. But then I gathered up the guts and said to myself, “It’s now or never. Even if I collapse, at least I will have a feeling of satisfaction that I didn’t back off.” They asked me for the confirmation and then the countdown began, 1-2-…..and 3. I was already up in the air. For a few seconds, I didn’t dare open my eyes but finally, I did, and trust me when I say that the experience was mesmerizing. I was literally feeling like a bird flying free with no stress at all in my mind. I finally landed and I can proudly say those were indeed some of the most thrilling minutes of my life.