A visual artist living in Boston wants the world to see how beautiful our country is.

A normal person with a dream to leave his footprints in the world of photography and filmmaking for future generations, and a visual artist with limitless talent, Milan Thapa defines visual art as an art that depends on one's perspective of seeing the world and their representation of how they want others to see it through their eyes. Once, while watching the visualization of a music video with his friends, while the latter were more into the musical aspects, such as drums, lyrics, and guitar, Milan was more focused on the visual side, such as shooting from different angles, lighting, climax, and so on.

His enthusiasm towards visual art began in childhood, and the camera he was handed for the first time was his dad's Yashica MF-2. His love for visual art was so well supported by his dad that he gifted Milan with his first personal camera, a Sony Handy Cam, and his life as an artist began from there. He started shooting everything; his journey to his school and back home, school events, and local concerts. He used a software called Sony Picture Package for editing the videos and pictures he captured. That was the root of his visual art endeavor, and here he is now creating the most amazing pieces.

Living in the U.S. did not take him away from Nepal; he was, and still is, into the Nepali community, and he spent a year exploring different creative ideas. Having no links with creative groups in the U.S. was somewhat of a challenging part of his career, but after he saw an Instagram post about a portrait meet in Boston, he was able to meet the artists he would be working with. However, he had no clue that the event was a photographers’ meet, and he was a video person; nevertheless, he thought of trying something different by shooting videos and connecting them to Nepal, and he was thus successful in becoming a pioneer of portrait videography in Nepal.

Even though he lives in Boston, a lively city in the U.S., he always visualizes his videos to be shot away from the city life in the lap of nature. He says, "There's a story in every emotion of people, and that is what I love to capture and shoot." He made a fascinating video called Traverse Nepal: The Home Coming that won many hearts. No matter how far he lived from home, his senses and love somehow pulled him back to his own motherland to capture the magnificent beauty after two years of living in Boston. Traverse Nepal features some of the most renowned heritage and natural sites, which falls among the favorites of his projects, as well as a video of Laure, one of his closest schoolmates, It is a song with storytelling called ‘Banawati’.

Traverse Nepal became a big-break for Milan. He had worked in the filmmaking sector for more than a decade, and before Traverse Nepal, he was always behind the scenes. Traverse Nepal is a film he made more for himself, but which went viral worldwide and reached all Nepalis living in every corner of the world.

His thoughts flow through direction, story, and every production stage. That is how a real artist creates original art. There are more and more on the way for us to see the world through his visualization, so let's stay tuned.

Pull Quote: We are human beings and we have finite amount of time, so live your life to the fullest and do what you love every day. One day we are all going to leave the world, so make sure you won’t have to go through a burden of regrets when time’s up.

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