“Live and let live”—the golden rule to live by. They took this motto literally and it made perfect sense. Sattya Media Arts Collective, a resource center for the creative types that include artists, filmmakers, and photographers, is also helping the city become more artistic, in a sense.

“A creative adult is the child who survived”, they say. For which, one needs to believe in what one loves to do and do what one loves. “Simply, do what you love” was the foundation of Sattya Arts Media Collective, and they’ve been carrying on the legacy since. Helping aspiring artists grow through various programs and projects, they’re trying to make a difference in the field of art.

Art has no definition, nor does it know any boundaries. Art is what you see, but at the same time, it talks to you. Visual communication; that’s what it is, and it has multiple forms, each one appealing in its own way. Art isn’t limited to only brush and canvas, it is being able to spread your message visually. And, so, Sattya promotes not only the fine arts, but focuses on various forms of contemporary art, as well. With a mission of breaking the stereotype that art means only fine arts, which includes gallery exhibitions and are worth a fortune to collect, they’re promoting local artists and art enthusiasts through their projects, while making art accessible to all. Their projects benefit painters, filmmakers, and photographers.

The artists’ hub has six projects under their belt involving various types of artists, out of which four are quite active. As a non-distributing profit organization, Sattya Inc. is their own platform for connecting freelance artists with art collectors to generate income. It is helping them stay alive for fulfilling their passion. So, if you happen to be an admirer of the contemporary forms of art, or want something unique and creative of your own, you can connect with them through Sattya Inc. The organization stands strong today because of their team. There have been ups and downs over the years, but their shared love of art has kept the legacy going. “’Do what you love’ is our motto, and our team love what they do, and it has given us the strength to keep going,” says Sajina Nemkul, the operations manager of the organization.

They not only promote art and artists, but also help them grow by conducting various workshops, which is one of their projects. Some are free, some you have to pay a minimal amount for, but they are quite fruitful, having helped many artists out-grow their shyness and gain confidence in what they do. Their tutors mostly include volunteers, including both foreigners and locals, who want to help other fellow artists grow.

Bato ko Cinema is another project that is all about screening documentaries at various places inside the valley for generating awareness on social issues. The target is the local audience, to spread awareness, and aspiring filmmakers, to inspire and enable them to create documentaries, because let’s face it, there are few documentary filmmakers here. And, it is again supported by the workshops. Inspire, train, and enable, that’s how it works.

The most popular of their projects is Kolor Kathmandu, which is brightening up the city with colors, while spreading awareness and telling stories all the while. Kolor Kathmandu includes murals in various areas throughout the city, mostly in areas like Jawalakhel (walls of the Central Zoo), Jhamsikhel, and Sanepa. Ever noticed the giant “red panda” from the Bagmati bridge? Yup…this is them. The vibrant murals tell stories of places, and address various social issues, and they have been getting quite a lot of attention from the audience and other aspiring artists alike. Sure, they weren’t the ones to come up with the idea of street murals, but they did create some kind of a revolution. Many artists are getting a platform to showcase and improve themselves. And, it is really livening up the city, too!

All in all, Sattya Media Arts Collective is doing commendable work to develop and promote contemporary art and artists. Keeping the spirit of the artists alive, collaborating and helping one another thrive—all for the love of art—is an art in itself, don’t you think?

You can get in touch with them here:

Website: http://sattya.orgFacebook: @SattyaMediaArtsCollective, @SattyaInc