The British College recently announced the launch of The Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (Y.E.S) that provides platform to transform ideas into businesses with a strong belief in ‘learning by doing’ approach. Members of the society can capitalize knowledge by being within the society’s framework. The society actively encourages the students to take initiatives and proceed for their professional endeavors. Y.E.S is run by the students and works for the students of The British College. Y.E.S was founded by 4 Masters level students of The British College -Mr. Subhadra Shree Rajbhandari, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Singh, Mr. Safal Shrestha and Mr. Aawhan Shrestha. Y.E.S founders spoke about sustainable approaches for society’s present and future. The event went smoothly without a glitch motivating many students to join the society. Chief Guest, Mr. Khetan became the first member of the society followed by M.J. Barnes.