Evaluation of September 2017 Traffic Results:


  • Total load factor improved significantly by 5.7 points to 81.5%, while international LF increased by 6.1 points to 81% (September 2015 LF: 79.3%)
  • Double digit growth in demand (revenue per kilometer) that commenced in July, kept on with 10% demand growth.
  • Total number of passengers carried went up by 13%, reaching 6.7 million passengers. Compared to September 2015, number of passengers carried increased by 17%, and demand increased by 21%.
  • Excluding international-to-international transfer passengers (transit passengers), number of international passengers went up by 30%.
  • In September, cargo/mail volume increased by 25% compared to September 2016. Main contributors to the growth in cargo/mail volume are Middle East countries, with 44% increase, and Europe with 31% increase.
  • In September, load factor increased for all regions. North America and Far East showed visible growth among other regions, with 10.3 points and 6.3 points increase, respectively.

Evaluation of January-September 2017 Traffic Results