Turkish Airlines has been involved in delivering aid to fight famine and drought in Somalia. As the only international airline that flies to Somalia, Turkish Airlines has a unique access to getting much-needed emergency food support to the country, which is suffering from a devastating drought. They supplied an additional 60 tons of nutritional supplements for children on August 15, 2017. Speaking on the occasion, Turkish Airlines Chairperson of the Board and Executive Committee Mr. M.Ilker Ayci said; "As the first call of help to Somalia echoed on social media, Turkish Airlines immediately took notice. We gladly joined the global campaign #LoveArmyForSomalia, contributing a cargo flight, as well as food and supplies, to the people of Somalia. As we take pride in connecting Africa to the world, we also take pride in our corporate responsibility projects that extend a helping hand to the African people.” Following the supplies arrival in Mogadishu, non-governmental organizations, including the ARC, provided logistics and guidance on the ground, ensuring that the lifesaving supplements reach the most at-need children and their families.