Taking the increasing demand for high speed internet into consideration, Vianet Communications, the first and the widest FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) internet service provider in Nepal, has upgraded its speed and launched its Go for Speed, Go for Vianet offer in the Nepali market. It has upgraded its 20 Mbps internet to 30 Mbps and 30Mbps internet to 40 Mbps. Along with this, Vianet has also been offering 60 Mbps internet to itscustomers. Customers will now have to pay only Rs.1,200/month for 30 Mbps, Rs.1,400/ month for 40 Mbps, and Rs.1,720/per month for 60 Mbps with yearly subscription of Vianet. The package also includes a free subscription of NET TV with 55 HD and 135 SD channels. This offer is also valid for 3 and 6-month period internet subscription packages. t: bold'> Upon arrival in Istanbul,she was greeted by Turkish Airlines personnel and assisted by TGS ground handling teams.AngPhurbaSherpini surprised the cabin crew by disclosing that her secret to long life was butter, a pure heart, and positive thinking.