With change a universal constant in the world of music, the preferences of people,naturally, are also changing constantly, and our K-town celebrities are no different. From their teenage years to the present date, they have had their personal favorites to which they are really attached, and this kind of helps a lot to learn about their personality.

Fridayinteracted with some renowned personalities in town and found out about how their preferences in music have changed over the years.

Alok Thapa, Radio, TV Presenter / Producer

Music seems to propagate so quickly these days, when you don’t have to fiddle with cassettes and CDs. These days, I feel people don’t have favorites for a long time and are spoilt for choice. When I was 13, I was into country music, and I loved The Carpenters. Of late, my plucking depends on my mood, like, most recently, I was exploring Afro-Cuban jazz. I feel, in this age of 24/7 connectivity, people are open to experimentation, and social media has augmented that aspect even further.


VidushiRana, Director of Marketing & Branding,Goldstar Shoes

Music is myfavorite form of art.I like all kinds of music—anything that sounds good—ranging from techno, pop, country, rock, folk, and classical toBollywood, Urdu songs,andghazals. I have always liked soft rock,I am an absolute romantic. In my teenage years, the songs that I loved were—Bryan Adam’s “Pleaseforgiveme”, “EverythingI Do, I Do It for You”, and “You’re Still Beautiful toMe”,Madonna’s“Like a Virgin” and “Papa Don’t Preach”, KarynWhite’s“I am not your Superwoman”, Michael Learns to Rock’s“The Actor”, Wham’s“CarelessWhisper” and “LastChristmas”, and MariahCarey’s“All I want for Christmas is you”. I still like similar kinds of songs,but now I listen to whatever my children listen to. Now, it varies from Drake and Justin Bieberand Chris Brown to my husband’sfavoritesufi’s! Music is inspirational, it’s magic.

Suraj Singh Thakuri, Television Presenter, Actor, Director, and Producer

During my teens, I used to be a big fan of Bollywood music and would probably listen to all Hindi film songs, from romantic to entertaining. In my later teens, I got more interested in rock music, and then slowly, heavy metal, which basically pushed the limits of bluesrock into a new genre. Some of my favorites wereMetallica, AC/DC, Megadeth, etc. As of yet, I have still not grown out of them, and listen to them whenever I want some kind of relaxation.







NivenAmatya, Owner,BotaMomos

Music is always heart-touching, inspiring, and cool. No matter what genre it is, you go through different choices and changes as you grow older. Speaking about my musical taste during my teens, I used to listen to Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Old School-Rap, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, etc. I basically grew up thinking everything was cool with loud music, rap, and similar genre. Coming to the present days, I prefer sentimental and subtle relaxing songs that are more romantic. However, music will always remain as something which changes as per my mood, and definitely changes my mood, as well.

Mahesh Swar, Assistant General Manager,Kantipur Publications

In short, I would say that my taste of music has changed from pop to romantic. It’s not that it was only pop songs during my teenage years, but rather, a combination of Bryan Adams, Metallica, and AC/DC, along with Kishor Kumar. In today’s music choice, romantic songs are still there, but they are replaced by AtifAslam for me, with the contemporary music of Bryan Adams. There is no heavy metal now, but a new picture of romantic songs, along with pop by ne