Namrata Shrestha

Umm…If I had to choose someone from the industry itself then I would prefer celebrating Bhaitika with Nischal Basnet. I don’t know why, but that’s the first name that came to my mind in response to this question. And yeah, he is my friend Swastima’s husband, and as he cares about her a lot, I would love to have one brother like him.

Rojisha Shahi

Aashirman Deshraj, coz he always calls me “Didi”. As a Bhaitika present I’d give him perfume, as I feel he would really love it. In return, I can expect books from him.

Shilpa Maskey

Well, I’d love celebrating my Bhaitika with Anoop Bikram Shahi. It’s been four-five years that I’ve known him personally, and during these years he had always given me the best of suggestions at times when I really needed somebody’s support and sincere advice. He’s a nice man!

Prechya Bajracharya

Haha...ummm… From the film industry, I’d choose Aashirman Deshraj Joshi. He is a very sweet person and would surely make a cool lil brother!

Sandhya Kc

Sanjog Koirala. He’s like my brother and gives me suggestions about different things and is always ready to help me whenever I need him the most. Having a brother like him is a dream come true for every sister.