It takes hell of a sweat to gain muscles, however, the combo of good physique and vibrant personality grabs eyeballs. People are inspired by the perfectly toned body of celebs, and desire to get as fit as them. Esparsh Sarawagi spoke to some well-known personalities and asked them who they think is the celeb with the hottest figure. Here goes the list!

Malvika Subba, Actor

In the male category, I guess Anoop Bikram Shahi has the hottest body, as I feel his body suits his height. Whatever he wears really suits him, and he has always tried to maintain a good physique. In the female category, Shristi Shrestha has the hottest and most well-maintained body. I’ve seen her bikini photos, where she is quite confident. So, yes, she deserves this.

Saruk Tamrakar, Actor

Among females, I find Srijana Regmi to have the hottest body in town. I find her photos very hot. Among males, it’s no doubt Anoop Bikram Shahi. He’s been working on his fitness since the time he won the Manhunt International Nepal contest. He’s also got a good height, and height is something that really contributes to your overall personality.

Nishant Gauchan, B-Boy/Beat Boxer

Umm... Well, I guess Samragyee Shah has the hottest body. Though I’ve not met her personally, I usually see her in different events. I’ve followed her in social media, and I really admire her photos. She’s very pretty.

Swoopna Suman, Singer/Artist

Among men, I feel Anoop Bikram Shahi has a really good physique. His facial structure, height, and personality are worth admiring. I’ve also seen his photo shoots, where his muscular looks and determination are clearly highlighted. From among the K-town divas, I will say Shristi Shrestha, as I really found her body to be slim, sexy, and toned. I’ve seen her in movies and music videos, where I find her body to be perfect.

Muna Gauchan, Actor

I think Anmol K.C. and Anoop Bikram Shahi have the healthiest and hottest bodies in town. They are successful celebrities who never fail to present themselves amazingly well with their good personalities.