Asmi Shrestha, Model, Miss Nepal World 2016

“We have had pets before in the family, but I was the one to bring my Cherry home, and that's why Cherry and I feel closest to each other. On the day of Kukur Tihar, we give her a bath (which she hates) and do the usual ritual of putting tika and mala on her. We also treat her with her favorite food. I usually gift hera new accessory, and about our love, she gets that all day everyday, whether or not it's Kukur Tihar."


Jyotsna Yogi, Actress

“Kukur Tihar is the only day that gives me a sense of relief that at least everyone will treat their dogs right, at least for a day.I celebrate it just like everyone else, but for me it’s just another day, because I love them and care for them daily. I give them proper dog food.I've given them common home names, Bhuntu, Fuchu, Sana. I request everyone to not give them oily food that we eat, it’s hard for them to digest, instead, they can boil chicken and give it with rice. That'd be perfect. Also, not to put on malas on street dogs, as they cannot get it off and can cause bruising, and also, avoid the use of tikas, because it can cause skin irritation to their skin.”


Namrata Shrestha, Actress      

"Every day is Kukur Tihar with my  Sherlock and Molly. I usually put tika on them and pamper them with treats and play with them all day long. They are a very important part of my life and always make me happy. So, on the special occasion of Kukur Tihar, I try my best to return the favor."






Nattu Shah, Singer

Kukur Tihar is one of the festivals that I truly admire. For once, you see almost everyone being very kind to the dogs on the street. I just wish it would continue every day as a part of their humanity,rather than doing it just for pleasing gods. I love my dogs and I give them time everyday, even after my hectic day.When I come home, I make sure I spend some time with them playing and giving them treats. I even take care of my neighbor’s dogs, and they call me their "dog mother". What I usually do on Kukur Tihar is give them a bath early morning and prepare my puja plate with color and flowers and I give them a special treat, which I usually don't give to them, for instance, sausages and sweets. I usually don't give them all these because it is actually very unhealthy for dogs to eat on a regular basis. Then, I take them out for a car ride, which they love, and take them for a walk around the park where they get to meet other dogs.”