Trishala Gurung, Singer

Frankly speaking, I don’t really keep any New Yearresolution, rather, I try to be a better person everyday, in general. I always try to recall things on where I went wrong and try not to repeat that again. I also go through a lot of motivational stuff on the internet and bring the positivity out of it. This year, I have plans to release as many songs as I can for my viewers and listeners, because I’ve been delaying on my original songs for a long time. This year, I will be officially stepping out into the musical journey as a singer.”






RonaliAmatya, Miss Nepal International 2018

My New Year resolution is a collection of numerous things. I have planned to travel more, read more, invest more time on my values, adopt a healthy lifestyle, stay active, and exercise more. I have thought of trying out new things and take risks. This year, I will try to make at least one person smile everyday, which will provide me the inner satisfaction and motivate me to work harder.






PriyaSigdel, Miss Nepal Earth 2018

MyNew Year resolution is trying to be the same person I am,no matter what situation I go through, being the same bold, honest, and positive person that I am. We can promise a lot of things we want to change, but one thing that remains forever is your personality, so resolutions are a waste when I am not who I am. Wishing all the readers Happy New Year 2019!






Nattu Shah, Singer/Actor

MyNew Year resolution is to travel to more places and learn about new cultures, explore beautiful places, make genuine friends, build stronger relationships, and just be a better human being. Hope everything turns out to be perfect this year. Waiting for thrills and excitement!









AshutoshAggarwal, Director,The Regal Inc.

This time, my New Year resolution is to spend more and more time on my priorities, and less on everything else less important, by managing timings andsettling plans that need my immediate attention. Apart from this, I have started working at burning my belly!








Shristi Shrestha, Actor/ Miss Nepal World 2012

I used to make New Year resolutions until a few years back, but I’ve come to learn that every morning we wake up to a glorious day is a chance at being grateful to life and our never-ending personal growth. So, this New Year, I would just like to wish a happy and blissful New Year to everyone.




SiwangiPradhan, Model/ Fashion Designer

My New Year resolution is to live my life to the fullest. Do what I love the most. Travel as much as I can. I am determined to work hard and take our Nepali fashion industry to another level. Apart from this, I will try to remain physically fit and mentally strong and live and love my life with my loved ones.







Asmi Shrestha, Model/ Miss Nepal World 2016

Well, I don’t have any New Year resolution in particular. However, I will try to live a good, happy, and simple life, where I can focus on my health, as well as have the best of moments with my family and loved ones.



Jyotsna Yogi, Actor

For 2019, I am planning on collecting lots of funds that can help the injured, abandoned, and needy dogs. I will work more on getting the stray puppies adopted, the street dogs neutered, to find more voices for the voiceless, and to spread the message, ‘Don’t Shop, Adopt!’”








Sushant Pradhan, Fitness enthusiast /Entrepreneur

This year, the goal is to focus on my personal growth and really work on myself from the spiritual aspect. The most important thing I want to do is travel, like really travel a lot and take time out for myself, as I have not been able to invest it properly on myself for the past five years due to my involvement in setting up businesses. People are shocked when they know that I’ve been to only 3-4 cities in Nepal and never on the outskirts. So, traveling is something I am really looking forward to doing this year.










SiddharthaGhimire, Blogger,

I really don't makeNew Yearresolutions, but the things I know I will do in the following year 2019 are: as a film student graduate,I didn't do much work in films, so the coming year I want to groom myself as a film maker. I will travel abroad, but still keep updated, and will keep exploring, because it’s the best job in the world, doing what you love.






AbhayaSubba, Singer/Songwriter

My resolution for 2019 is to practice compassion and to always listen to my heart on whatever task I work on. I am also determined to wake up early at least four times a week!”






Rohit John Chettri, Singer/ Songwriter                                                                   

I have been trying to hit the gym since 2016, but never could manage time for the same. So, this year, I am planning to focus more on my fitness part and join the gym and make sure I give continuation to it. This year’s resolution is to get six-pack abs.








Malina Joshi, Actor/ Miss Nepal World 2011

My New Year resolution is not to be a crybaby, but a badass. I am not letting the external environment have influence on me and affect my inner peace. I’ll give myself a chance and love myself more this 2019.







Nirnaya Da’ NSK, Rapper/ Songwriter

Usually, I really don’t make resolutions, as I just go with the flow of time. But I have many things that are pending since 2018, which I hope to complete in 2019. This year, I have plans to get my album out in the market, complete my 2018’s second phase of ‘ Nirnaya NSK Tour for Education’, which is half-remaining, take good care of my health, and give a little more time to myself.