As the seasonal calendar flips this summer, we are already excited to plan our vacation and enjoy outing with our loved ones. We have waited patiently throughout the cold winter for this season so that we can execute our plans. Our K-town luminaries also are on the same page.

Fr!day asked some of the notable personalities in our town about their love for summer.

Evana Manandhar, Miss Nepal World 2015

Summer has always been about enjoying with your friends and family. I love everything about summer; the sunlight, the flowers, clothes, and most importantly, the energy I have during summer. I love the chilled food that I get to have during summers, along with the trips that I usually plan with my family at this time of the year.

Ritesh Marwadi, CEO, KTM Live Entertainment

Summer is all about partying and having much more entertaining events. People love hanging out during summer more than the winters. So, I get to meet all my friends with whom I haven’t met for a long period of time. Above that, summer is all about food and drinks that are especially reserved only for this time of the year.

Bandana Gurung Pun, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Tranquility Spa

For me, summer has always been about giving some ‘Me’ time and pampering myself, because during winters it is kind of difficult to take care of your body. I set goals during summers and try to make exciting plans of outings and treks at this time of the year, because most of my people are free, and it’s always productive. At the same time, I also take care of my health during summer by consuming a lot of water, and thus it’s always my favorite.

Aseem Rana, Executive Director, Xzone, Club Platinum, and Los Escobar’s

I just feel so alive in summer and love the vibe of this weather. I have been in the clubbing scene of Kathmandu since 1999, and summer has always proved to be full of great parties and successful events. I love how people enjoy night life and meet each other during this time. Apart from this, I try to have a long vacation where I chill myself and come back with new zeal and enthusiasm.

Jems Pradhan, Singer

Actually, I enjoy each of the seasons, as they have their own dynamics and aesthetics. However, I just love the idea of a sunny sky and crisp weather as I stroll around the city with my weightless short and thin cloths. Moreover, I can enjoy a sweaty workout in the summer heat, which I enjoy more than in other seasons. A plunge in the frigid swimming pool is a sublime feeling as I lay back and enjoy the serene contour of the summer ambience.