Siddhartha Ghimire, Nepal Food

I think beer goes really well with a cheesy wholesome pizza. At the end of a long day, I like nothing more than to wind down with cheesy scrumptious pizza, beer, and good company. Some of my favorite places for pizza around town are MEZZE by Roadhouse, Pokhara Pizza House, Fire and Ice Pizzeria, and Pepe Pizza. The beer I prefer with my food are Corona Extra, Ashai, and White Rhino.

Kobid Bazra, Music Producer, Bajra Creation Records

Because beers have such a refreshing flavor, they're ideal for pairing with spicy dishes. The crisp and clean taste of these beers can cut through the spiciness of the food and provide much needed relief from the heat. Therefore, I love drinking my beer with some spicy dried meat, salted peanuts, and assorted salad.

Abhinav Shrestha, Proprietor, Comic Con Nepal and Director, Tokyo Zerostar

My favorite beer would be Stella Artois, and I mostly pair it up with savory grilled pork and/or grilled chicken. Since this particular beer is pleasantly bitter with a refreshing finish, that makes it extremely versatile and my ultimate pairing for grilled pork and grilled chicken.

Astik Sherchan, Fashion Designer

I do not really drink beer much, but I think spicy food goes the best with cold beer in the summertime. I prefer to enjoy beer in summer the most. For me, the ultimate food pairing with my beer would be chicken barbecue.

Gokul Shrestha, Fashion Blogger

For me, there’s no ultimate pairing for beer as such, because I enjoy beer with any sort of meat dish. Whether it be fried chicken, nuggets, or drumsticks, you name it, and I will be able to gulp my beer with these on the side.