Mahir Malla Chairperson,The Heritage at Malla

Justin Bieber is the artist that I would to like to see perform in Nepal, as his concerts always seem so energetic. He’s also a great dancer, so I feel that he would be able to make Kathmandu groove to his beats as he has been doing wherever he performs.

Adrian Pradhan, Vocalist, Composer, and Songwriter
I would want to see John Mayer and his band, or Iron Maiden, perform in Nepal, as both are great artists, and watching them perform would tick off one of the items from my wish list.

Divyata Vaidya, Miss Nepal International 2015
Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, the two singers have always been my favorite, and watching them perform live in Nepal would be a dream come true for not just me but for a lot of us Nepalis.

Karma, Actor
Coldplay. There is no band that is better than Coldplay and their concerts transport you to a different world, as their lighting and sound is always the best of the best. So, I would definitely love to see them perform in Nepal.

Evana Manandhar 
Miss Nepal 2015 Dj Tiesto is my favorite Dj at the moment, and I would love to see him perform. Others would be Djs from Tomorrowland, as they are able to create a good vibe. Also, anyone who can touch the souls of their audience would be great to see performing in Nepal.