Asif Shah, Actor, Singer

The idea is quite thrilling. So, if it is about a Nepali celebrity in the Bigg Boss house, Rishi Dhamala definitely come to my mind, because no one can beat him as he himself has a very tough character which the show looks out for.

Nanita Bajracharya, Body Builder

Bounded by a very tight schedule, I literally don't watch Bigg Boss. That's why I don't have any idea what the show is about and what really the people do. So, choosing the right person for Big Boss would be somewhat difficult for me.

Mohit Acharya, Actor, Businessman

It's a tricky one, but still, if I had to choose some Nepali celebrities to see in Bigg Boss house, the one who strikes my mind at the very first is K.P. Oli, who could entertain the whole house. It would be quite interesting. And, the others are Rishi Dhamala, Archana Paneru, Jyoti Magar, and Kedar Ghimire. All the people that I have chosen could tackle everything inside the house, which would be beneficial, I guess.

Jems Pradhan, Singer

Interesting question indeed. Choosing the celebrities is somewhat difficult, as the show itself is so tough. So, I need to choose the deserving ones. I would love to see Yogeshwor Amatya, Bhuwan K.C., Priyanka Karki, and Saugat Malla in the Bigg Boss house, as all of them can stand out for themselves and are capable of performing the tasks, which would be the plus point for them.

Nisha Adhikari, Actress

This is something so fascinating. I would definitely like to see Rekha Thapa, Robin Tamang, Saugat Malla, Benisha Hamal, and Aryan Sigdel in the Bigg Boss house. Each of them deviate from each other, so might come together as a bonding, and trying to know what is happening inside the house would be so much fun!