Niti Shah, Miss Nepal International 2017

During winters, I crave for the famous Thai Tom Yum soup with shrimp the most, as it helps me feel warm and also provides me a sense of relaxation to focus on my work. Apart from this, I also prefer tomato cheese pasta, which has been my favorite since childhood.



Varsha Sharma, Miss Intercontinental Nepal 2017


For chilly weather, it has to be jhol momo for me; the one with the local vendors with extra spices is something that can’t be compared with anything for me. Besides sipping hot ginger tea throughout the winter, jhol momo is my go-to every winter.



SarukTamrakar, Actor

I am a great foodie, and winters being the laziest kind of season, I prefer working less and wrapping up in bed and having kwanti and jhol momo. Apart from this, anything warm satisfies me in this cold, chilly weather.