I always feel a little daunted when December arrives and the many glossies targeted at women beckon to us with their seductive spreads of sleek winter clothes, the hottest footwear, essential party dresses for pre-Christmas bashes, lipsticks that taunt at you for wearing a color that was so fall 2015, or the array of cosmetics must-haves for the skin that will appear dull in winter. In between thick sheets of shiny pages displaying tall, thin, and mostly fair models are tiny paragraphs of women-empowering articles that tell us to accept ourselves the way we are. Women like me are guilty of turning the pages of these tantalizing publications that tell us what to wear to allegedly make our dreams come true.
What is it that I really wish would come true when the party season arrives and I have the disagreeable task of looking decent under a pile of dank winter clothes (mostly black for me, as I do have a fetish for the noir). Not many would oppose me if I venture to suggest that for us ladies dressing up for a winter party is supremely exasperating. Being a female who lives in Nepal, we do have to consider many things before we come up with our OOTD ensemble for a party. If you are one of the privileged ones who has a car and chauffeur at your disposal and you drive from your doorstep to maybe those plush party places where you hardly need to walk, you are exempt from the restrictions that the less privileged are faced with.
For those who don't own a chauffeur-driven car, we have to either be at the mercy of our friend's vehicles, or worse, a taxi driver who will slyly hike up the price the moment they smell our perfume or take a glance at our expensive-looking coat. What does a girl wear when she needs a night out in a city like Kathmandu?
Speaking strictly for myself, I look at what I am wearing with practicality. If you are petite like me, then you will be wearing heels—sometimes impossible ones! I pack a pair of walking shoes in my fashionably outsized bag just in case I will need to walk to a taxi stand on my way back home. A woman walking with a couple of other ladies may be frowned upon past midnight, so for the sake of warmth and sanity, and definitely not for the sake of modesty, I end up wearing clothes that cover me up from head to toe.
Coming back to that question—what is it that I really wish for this party season? As a woman, I would ask Santa for safer roads, and people who would live and let live, so that all of us would be able to enjoy a night out in town without having to worry about people's assumptions of women who cannot live without dancing up a storm. For the woman who loves dancing past midnight, may Santa grant you your wish of not being berated or judged for celebrating life and living it up as only YOU know how to!