The diva of Nepali rock music, Abhaya Subba Weise, is a musician, composer and an established lead singer of Abhaya & the Steam Injuns. Steam Punk and post-apocalyptic phase currently inspire her stage persona.

141 pounds, 64 kg. The scales were not lying. For the first time in my life, I watched this horrifying number settle on the digital weighing machine nervously. How had I let my weight climb up to that number? I made this discovery with a profound sinking feeling on a breezy sunny day in Barcelona, where I was spending summer with my family. I had been rather careless for a good eight months, gorging on Thakali thalis, plenty of cheese, butter, and humongous amounts of pasta loaded with creamy processed sauce, and oh yeah, pizzas too. I am known to be a frugal vegetarian, but the earthquake in 2015 and the blockade immediately after the two earthquakes had pushed me into a hole of hopelessness and gloom. When I am depressed, I tend to plunge into a pattern of debauched overeating, and the result was there for me to see.

Once I was back in Nepal, I decided to tackle this issue seriously. I started on various weird diets, such as bananas and milk, the three-day military diet (vegetarian version), juice diet, and even a smoothie diet—none of which worked permanently on me. I would lose a couple of pounds, and then pack it right back as soon as I lost my will to stay strong. Along with this, I had started on an off-and-on fitness home program on YouTube that promised significant weight loss within a month. The routine was exceptionally challenging, and I hated every part of the training.

Nothing was working, until on the 1st of January 2017, when I made a resolution to be kind and patient towards myself. The previous three months had been a frustrating tussle of short-cut diets and exercises that had aggravated my body, rather than toning it down.

The day I realized that I would start on an exercise routine that was easy but effective was the day I started winning my weight loss battle. I chose a marvelously easy walking workout video of Leslie Sansone. Sure, she had made the videos back in the nineties; sure, the music sucked big time, but she was a cheerful lady who kindly nudged her followers to start with a 15-minute walk. I progressed to a 45-minute walk program within a month. The best thing about these simple exercises was that I looked forward to them every morning. I was soon looking for advanced training videos that targeted the lower body, abs, and upper body, along with the 45-minute walk. I had started to choose my food wisely, as well. I cut down on white rice completely, ate an almost vegan diet, and didn't touch alcohol for the most part of 2017.

As I head into 2018, I now weigh 102 pounds, and my sincere advice to all who are trying to stay fit is this—be kind to your body, and don't expect miracles with a short-term diet or fitness plan. Look up Leslie Sansone's easy walk routines, and before you know it, you will be pumping iron, planking for more than three minutes, and hitting burpees like a pro. Happy New Year to a healthy, happy, and fit you!