Your Fashion Guide for this Holi

The festival of colors, love and joy, Holi is just around the corner, and there is a need for some style inspiration. Holi signifies the onset of the fresh colorful season of spring and the end of the dull dreary season of winter. Whether you decide to wear comfortable old clothes or beautiful ethnic wear, it is that time of the year where you have to prepare your wardrobe for colors that wont be easy to wash off. While you enjoy smearing colors on your friends and family it is imperative that you are not only dressed comfortably, but also fashionably, to enjoy this jolly high-spirited festival. So, lather yourself with some cream and oil your hair to the roots to prepare for the Holi, along with these easy styling tips and tricks to help you plan an outfit for this day.

Text by: Ajita Singh

White cotton T-shirt with shorts

A plain white cotton tee along a pair of shorts is one of the most preferred outfits for this day filled with frolic festivities. It does not necessarily have to be a white T-shirt, as any other bright colored T-shirt would also go perfectly well, too. The colors and water showered on you will stand out, and you won’t be feeling hot, as well. But, make sure that the clothes you wear don’t tend to get transparent or stick to your body when it gets wet, as that could get uncomfortable.

Summer dress

A pretty little summer dress is the best way to greet the oncoming summer months. But, don’t let this dress be one of your favorite dresses, as chances stand of it getting completely ruined by the onset colors and water colors of this festival. You can opt for a vibrant mid-length or long flowy dress, depending on the amount of sunlight you want your skin exposed to.

Palazzo pants and spaghetti top

With the warmer months coming around, pallazo pants are what everyone will be wearing; they look good and are easy-breezy to help withstand the heat. A loose-fitting beautifully patterned set of pallazo pants, along with a spaghetti or tank top, will be the best way to show that you are ready to splash on some water and colors to celebrate Holi.

Chikankari long kurta with long skirt and leggings

This trend is evergreen for Holi—a long, white chikankari kurta that goes perfectly with leggings or long skirt. And, to add a dash of color to your outfit, you could wear a colorful dupatta. You could look radiant on this vivid day by channeling this ethnic style, and you would not go wrong. This classic and elegant look is perfect if you are attending a Holi party.


Slippers and flip-flops are what summers are all about and nothing better than slippers for a day where you will not be able to re-wear what you wore and celebrated in. So garb a pair of old slippers and hope you return wearing one atleast. And why ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes, right?