Friday went for an adventurous weekend with Hardcore Nepal at Jalbire

Nepal, being a landlocked country, is enriched by natural sites and mysterious corners, and one of them is Jalbire. When I begin to describe the place, I would say it’s a secret heaven filled with mystic mountains and gigantic waterfalls themed as a natural water park. Canyoning in Jalbire is not just abseiling down a steep rock; you get to slide through rocks, jump off a cliff, and indulge yourself in between deep water caves the whole day. So, instead of just wondering about it, I thought, why not to get there and experience this thrill? So, we took off for Jalbire

After five hours of long drive from Kathmandu, we finally reached our hotel in Jalbire, which is about seven kilometers from Mugling. We settled there for a while, changed into our canyoning suits and put on our safety helmets, life jackets, and harnesses, then we geared up for the adventure. We had to hike towards the waterfall, which was the hardest part for me, as I was totally covered in sweat and also felt sort of dizzy at times. After a heart pounding walk, we got to the spot.

Imagining myself abseiling through the canyon was scary, yet exciting, and I was afraid but driven at the same time. I was also mesmerized by the majestic waterfalls around the place. There were people laughing and bathing under one of the waterfalls, but for us it was not just that, let's say we were on to a four-hour trip through steep rocks, streams, and waterfalls, which began after a short instruction period from the guide. That 30-minute uphill trek was weakening, and I was nervous, as I lacked the energy, but the moment I slid through the stream and splashed around in the water, I was refreshed and confident for the upcoming thrills of the day.

Swimming in a fresh, tropical pool in the lap of Mother Nature is never enough, but we had to move forward rappelling through a big canyon with our ropes anchored on a stiff rock and locked into the figure-eight device for safety. After another short instruction, we rappelled through the first waterfall flowing down the slippery mountain. We had to lean down vertical to the rock by keeping a grip on the rock below the waterfall. It takes hard work, as you have to work on your grip and hold on to the rope tightly with your left hand, slowly releasing it with the right. Gradually, I moved down, with water spattering on my face, but not worrying about any untoward circumstances, as I was being guided the whole time.

After around five to ten minutes of descent, the first lap was over, and we dove from the damp rock into the cold water. I soaked in the water, enjoying the mesmerizing effect of nature around the place, as I waited for my group. After a while, everyone had gathered in the pool, laughing, swimming, and sharing each other's experiences, which was one of my favorite moments. And, again we were off for more chapters to complete the story of our adventure. We walked for a while through the stones and streams to cross another gigantic waterfall. For the second lap, too, we rappelled down the mountainous rock and pushed our legs against it to dive into another pool, followed by the most exciting part of the game—sliding down the big mystic waterfall. Again, we spent some time in the cool water and moved further.

Finally, we were on a huge cliff, and I was thrilled to know that we had to make a high jump from there. That phase of canyoning was a bit scary, because the cliff where we had to jump from was slippery, but my friends, who had already done the jump, were motivating me, and after three countdowns to three, I was brave enough to jump of the cliff, but with my eyes closed. Oh, what a breathtaking experience that was, I could never get enough of it, ever.

The adventure ended with upside down sliding from a stream to another pool, and after a while of resting, we walked to the exit way that led us back to the hotel, where a warm Nepali meal was being prepared for us. We dried ourselves, changed back into our regular clothes, and sat for the delicious lunch. Being pleased and thankful to the team of Hardcore Nepal, we left off for Kathmandu, with one of the guides escorting us to an evening bus from Mugling, our bags full of beautiful memories.