Bring On the Shots

Let’s be real, New Year celebrations are just an elaborate excuse to get drunk. Here’s how to do it, in Nepali style.

Text by Sneha Joshi and Aakash Pant

If you’re going to celebrate New Year’s in the streets of Thamel or in a neon-lit club, chances

are, alcohol is going to be involved. Let’s be real, New Year celebrations are just an elaborate

excuse to get drunk. If you’re not tipsy by the time the countdown starts, you will not enjoy your


To achieve this, however, there is a slight hiccup. Booze in clubs are super expensive, and the last thing you want to do in New Year’s is to mull about the economics of it all. Therefore, we highly recommend you to pregame. Pregaming is the art of drinking before you go to whatever party you are going to. This not only has the advantage of saving you some money, but being buzzed will kick start your night like nothing else. The best place to pregame in Nepali style is to do so at an eatery in the back alleyways of Thamel, famous for its Thakali shots. Ranging from Rs.80 to 100, Thakali shots are the cheapest way to get buzzed good and fast.

The shots, served in traditional brass cups, look cute, but make no mistake, they hold a mean punch. The phrase “from 0 to 100 real quick” is exactly what these little glasses are all about, so know your limit. The alcohol served is Thakali rice wine, and has all the potency associated with local alcohol. Delicious Thakali Restaurant and Bar is next to Mandala Street. Duck your way under a building and prepare yourself for the lemon and salt. With its cozy, tucked away, and relaxed vibe, it is the perfect place for a smoke and drink (or two) to start the night out with your mates.

However, a quick word of warning, if you have a low tolerance, you may just want to keep it to a maximum of three Thakali shots, or just stick to plain old vodka. Do not mix your alcohols, and avoid wine at all costs when binging, the headache is not worth the buzz. And remember, this is only the pregame portion of the night, you have the rest of your night out to reach the drunken mess state. You don’t want to pass out before you even get to the club, or else the only thing you’ll be kissing when the clock strikes 12 is the floor.

Delicious Thakali Restaurant and Bar is located opposite to Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel.