Chains of Evil

Chained by harsh expectations and discrimination by today’s society, she unleashes her inner demons.

Model- Rosie Gurung

MUA- Chandra Gurung

Chandra Gurung ventured into the world of professional make-up in 2009, and has been doing so ever since. His specialty is photo shoots, but he dabbles in everything, such as fashion spreads, bridal make-up, etc. He has worked with prominent figures like Prasant Tamrakar, Priyanka Karki, Shristi Shrestha, and many more.

Halloween Fae

A crown of flowers upon her head, she casts a mysterious spell on roving gazers.

Model- Sophia Shrestha

MUA- Suman Lama

Suman Lama has been in the make-up industry for eight years. He had his first break working for Mega Model and has been growing ever since.  He is a versatile artist who works with all types of make-up looks. His clientele includes prominent names like Anil Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Raveena Tandon, and many Nepali celebrities and models alike.

Queen of Darkness

Her void eyes, pools of nothingness, will send shivers down your spine.

Model- Paramita R.L. Rana

MUA- Sukriti Yakthumba

Wardrobe- Manish Rai

Contact lens- Korea Contact Lenses Nepal, Durbarmarg

Sukriti Yakthumba has always been fascinated by make-up. Although she has a marketing background, she decided to go to Bangkok and studied make-up SMA. She works as a freelancer now, who falls in love with her work every day. She has worked with prominent models like Paramita R.L. Rana, Muna Gauchan, Nischal Basnet, and many more.


Her playful gaze will leave you wanting her friendship, but beware, her branches might just ensnare you in her trap.

Model- Shalora Ghimire

MUA- Sizi Thapa

Sizi Thapa grew up in Hong Kong, and is a hospitality graduate from Malaysia. After coming to Nepal and working in a travel agency, she started her own one as well! She used to do make-up for her colleagues and realized this was her true passion. She started from scratch in Bangkok and learnt all that there is about make-up. She had her first break in Myanmar. She specializes in special effects make-up. Ever since, she has worked for movies, photo shoots, and fashion spreads. She takes classes, as well. She believes that whatever one’s true passion, they should follow it.