In this Valentine’s issue, we asked the stars of the upcoming romantic movie Intu Mintu London Ma to share their views on all that is love. Check out this Q&A with the charming stars and get to know them better:

Who was the last person to tell you that s/he loves you?

Samragyee R. L Rana: Ryan Gosling! – Recently, I had this crazy dream where I was at a cruise party in which Ryan Gosling and Camila Cabello were present, and I had an encounter with Ryan Gosling.

Dhiraj Magar: My mum.

If you were stranded on an island and could pick a person of the opposite sex to accompany you in your ordeal, who would it be?

Samrayee: Ryan Gosling – I wish.

Dhiraj: No comments on that.

Which celebrity do you wish had a crush on you?

Samragyee: Again, Ryan Gosling.

Dhiraj: Han Hyo Joo.

Which film makes you cry each time you see it?

Samragyee: Dancer in the Dark. Bjork’s performance in Dancer in the Dark is magnificent and is a very demanding performance. The acting and singing in this grim and devastating musical tragedy can be really difficult for some people to watch, but no one can deny that it is incredibly thought-provoking and emotionally compelling.

Dhiraj: Always.

Who is the sexiest person in the Nepali film industry?

S: Everyone that I have worked with. No comments.

D: Samragyee

How do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day?

S: Eat, Sleep & Pray.

D: Just like any other normal day. Lol!

When were you first proposed to?

S: When I was in Grade VII.

D: I think I was around 13.

Who was your first crush?

S: Robert Pattinson.

D: There was this one girl from primary school but I never knew her name because she was in a different grade.

Who is your current crush?

S: Ryan Gosling.

D: Don’t have one.

 If you were to pick a film to watch with your date on Valentine’s Day, what would it be?

S: Like Crazy and When Harry Met Sally.

D: Tough choice between The Notebook and Notting Hill.. Hmmmm.. Notting Hill!

What color do you think represents love the best?

S: Blue – the ultimate freedom.

D: Red.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

S: Handed over all my passwords….lol...

D: There’s nothing crazy I can think of…

What meal would you cook if you had a date over at your house?

S: Almond-Crusted Pork Loin with Red Wine Raisins.

D: Whatever she wanted to have.

If you had to come up with a name for a love-disease, what would it be?

S: Hanahaki Disease.  

D: Inlovenia

What celebrity would you trade your life with?

S: Kate Winslet for now.

D: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Which fictional character do you want to fall in love with?

S: Rose in Titanic.

D: Mitsuha Miyamizu.

When was the last time you literally stopped to smell flowers?

S: Don’t remember.

D: When I bought some for my friend for her farewell party.

How would someone get your special attention?

S: Automaticity – If someone fires a gun, you will turn your head: A good smile, presentable and maybe a good laugh.

D: For me it’s always the little things that mean the most. So I think when someone starts giving more care and attention to details, that’s when I start giving that extra attention as well.

What’s the weirdest thing that a fan has done for you?

S: One fan has my photo-printed mug. He says he drinks tea with it everyday. It’s crazy!

D: There hasn’t been anything weird so far. They’ve all been very sweet.

What song would you sing for your date if you were forced to do so?

S: City of Stars from La La Land.

D: Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

What, according to you, is the greatest love-story ever written?

S: Richard Linklater’s Sunrise Trilogy is epic.

D: There are so many. It’s so difficult to choose one!

Would you be comfortable portraying sensuality onscreen?

S: I am very selective with projects and yes, once I start to work, I give my 100% to pull off each scene and sequence.

D: Yeah of course!

Do you believe in love-at-first-sight?

S: Let me go back to my teenage days!!

D: I used to when I was younger, but the older I got, the less I started to believe in it.

If you had to be a celebrity of the opposite sex for one day, who would you be?

S: Justin Bieber.

D: Angelina Jolie.

What is the cheesiest line you’ve heard someone say?

S: I can pluck stars for you.

D: A few months back, I got a message from a fan on Instagram with the words – “Do you like a lot of pizza? Because tu cheese badi hai mast mast.” I HAD to reply to it because I laughed so hard.

Which celebrity do you think is the perfect combination of beauty and brains?

S: Meryl Streep.

D: Emma Watson.

If you could pick a Valentine’s Day gift, what would it be?

S: Tom Ford’s Café Rose.

D: Rather than being bought gifts, I really like it when someone puts in a lot of time and effort into creating gifts such as letters and photobooks.

Define Love in a sentence.

S: Love is the vital core of the soul and of all we see, only love is infinite.

D: Aren’t we all waiting to be read by someone praying that they tell us that we make sense?

What message do you want to give readers this Valentine’s Week?

S: Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.

D: I hope you guys enjoying this beautiful day with your special someone. If you don’t have one, then enjoy this day by giving time to yourself, your friends and your family because the relationship that you have with them is just as important (if not more) than having that special one in your life