Kathmandu’s fittest and strongest trainers tell you about their workout classes and what they entail to help you choose a class that would keep you motivated in your fitness journey.

Dieja Shrestha, Director of FitStop

FitStop started out focusing on mostly group fitness classes, and it was only this year that they introduced a gym, as well. FitStop, your pit stop for fitness, has the most unique group exercise classes, and Dieja Shrestha is one of the brains behinds some of their best liked and most effective fitness classes. BodyFit, a brainchild of hers, is a complete body fitness routine that includes different workouts like obstacle training, cross training, insanity, and PiYo, and it takes place six times a week. FitStop is also the only gym in town that has a franchise to conduct Insanity Workout classes. They also conduct the P90x program, for which Dieja has been specially trained. And, the best thing about FitStop is that it does not target any particular age group for its fitness classes and encourages people of all ages to take part. They also conduct fitness classes for kids, which include fun activities and games.

Neha Banu, Beat Cycling Trainer at Gymkhana Muay Thai

Neha conducts the beat cycling classes at the Gymkhana. It is one of the most enjoyable, as well as effective, classes for a good workout. It combines cycling and spinning, along with some great music to motivate you. Since this class is also a group fitness class, you are more motivated to continue with your fitness journey as you have others also with you. Neha is one of the most motivating trainers who ensures that you’re enjoying your workout session. Being a big foodie, she believes that the more you work out and burn calories, the more you can eat, and she applies it while taking her beat cycling classes, as well. And, she tries to make sure that when you’re working out, it is effective and fun at the same time.


Tyson Moktan, Functional Fitness Trainer at Gymkhana Muay Thai

Tyson, who is known for his fitness and strength, is a self-motivated and driven person, and when it comes to workouts, he always goes with whatever has maximum effect. He takes the Functional Fitness classes, which is designed around cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics. The program is aimed towards weight loss and strength building; however, you can’t turn into a body builder by just doing this fitness regime. So, it focuses on making you look stronger and feel stronger by including exercises that include every part of your body. You gain strength and muscles, and also lose weight.


Cyrus Gurung, Kickboxing Trainer at Rage Fitness

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically yours.” Bruce Lee. Cyrus, a firm believer of the quote, is one of the best known trainers in the fitness industry around town. He takes the kickboxing classes at Rage five times a week, which is one of the most popular classes at the gym. It includes a variety of functional exercises, such as body training, partner drill, pad work, and heavy bag workout. The classes are structured for high-intensity Muay Thai, kick boxing, and boxing techniques. He intends that through these classes, the person, on completing a class, feels a sense of achievement and is also highly motivated.