Munching Your Way through the New Year

Even if you’ve had every type of daal and curry, you’ll wow at the way those same old Nepali dishes can be turned into a feast of celebration.

Text by Johnson Shrestha

Celebration means three things: getting hammered, eating your fill, and dancing a lot! While you may argue that getting hammered and dancing with your group or loved ones is better, eating your fill is arguably the most important part of most celebrations. If you don’t get to have a delicious filling meal with a rich variety, then it’s no celebration, is it?

What is your typical idea of a New Year’s feast? Since it's all about celebrating New Year in the Nepali way this time around, why not go for the authentic Nepali cuisines?

Some of you are going to say the same daal, bhaat, tarkari? On New Year? No, thanks. But, what you are missing is that Nepali cuisine is much more than some daal, bhaat, tarkari. There’s so much to experience in our Nepali cuisines, and even if you’ve had every curry, you’ll wow at the way those same old dishes are served in those authentic Nepali cuisine restaurants. You’ll be surprised that a regular Nepali dish can be turned into a feast of celebration! Yes, really.

And if you’re wondering that getting hammered does not at all go with feasting in Nepali cuisines, you can also have one of those Thakali shots instead of the regular whiskeys and cocktails. Besides, there are aila and chhayng as well. And many authentic Nepali restaurants serve those drinks even in their meal package! So, yeah, if you want to get a part of the experience of the 84 byanjan, Nepali cuisines are the way to go.

Here are some of the best places you can go for an authentic experience of a Nepali New Year feast.

Bhojan Griha

Dillibazaar, Kathmandu


One of the most popular go-to places for authentic Nepali cuisines. With 16 different varieties in a single Nepali dish menu of appetizers, main course, and desserts, with specials like aloo jira, local aila, and special kheer. Plus, a cultural show to liven up your mood and enjoy Nepali New Year the Nepali way.

Atithi Satkar Restaurant

Amrit Marg, Kathmandu (Next to China Town Restaurant)


A menu of Nepali thali of authentic Nepali flavors. With a large variety of rich dishes, specials include aloo and mo:mo with local rice wine, with dahi shikarni as special dessert. Also features a cultural dance show along with special discount offers for the New Year.

Nepali Bhojan Pvt. Ltd.

Kumari Marg, Kathmandu


You can get regular Nepali thali set, but there is also a six-course special package with rice wine. The restaurant also offers a special ‘golden menu’. Plus, liven up your New Year with the cultural dance program in the evening.

Laptey Newari Cuisine

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur (opposite Tamarind Restaurant)

Contact: 01-5548968

This place offers you a multi-variety of Newari cuisine to tingle your taste buds. Newari thematic ambience and specials like meat chatamari and mo:mo ko jhol, are the ones you shouldn’t miss. Also, the place offers live music too!

Thakkhola Thakali Cuisine

Naya Bato, Patan (near to D.M Auto Workshop, opposite to Saraswati Temple)


Authentic Thakali experience with a combination of ambience reminiscent of a Himalayan village and authentic Thakali cuisine. Dhindo, accompanied with stew of local chicken and spinach, fresh tomato pickle, and pickled radish is best.

Utsav Authentic Nepali Restaurant

Lal Durbar Marg, Lal Durbar, Kathmandu (opposite to south gate of Narayanhiti museum on the way to Jai Nepal cinema)


Another place that offers a great Nepali experience, from cuisines to cool ambience and garden. All kinds of Nepali set menu and a-la-carte, with cultural Nepali show in the evenings.