Radio over the Years: Chirag Bangdel

When I was growing up I was caught up in a show broadcast every Thursday evening called Thursday Noise. Yes, that show was a part of my life hosted by the popular radio jockey, Chirag Bangdel. When I listened to his shows, I obviously got a gist that he was made to be a radio jockey.

Chirag Bangdel started  RJ ing in Image FM from 1999. During the eighteen years of his career as a radio jockey, he has hosted some remarkable entertainment shows: Thursday Noise (now hosted on Tuesday as Tuesday Noise), Me and You, and Kathmandu Kraze.. With his versatile creativity, Chirag has also created impressive art pieces, published four collections of poetry, and one collection of short stories, Mist around the Stupa.

Radio preference has been a constant over the years, but the listening medium has evolved from portable transistors and cassette players to smart phones, growing forward to social media, taking away the traditional way of listening to radio. On the path of going digital, radio programs are made easily available on the internet, which is a disappointment to Chirag. According to him, the golden days and peak of the FM radio were the days when he started off, and he was chosen out of many to be a radio jockey.

He has conquered different fields of creativity as an artist, a poet, and a writer, but he is still on air because voice and music is all that matters on the radio. It is a wonderful platform for him, where he can interact with his audience, share ideas, and get their ideas in return. Since he is also a music enthusiast, radio is the best way for him to be in touch with the latest musical trends. It is a joy for him to choose music and play for the audiences every evening. Being a radio jockey, he earns the liberty to voice his opinion, and through radio he can provide a platform for young achievers and for people who have something to say to society.

Chirag's dedication to radio has never faded. He has always been there for his audiences through rain and shine for eighteen years. These years have been a joyride for him due to the love and affection of his numerous listeners.


Pull Quote Chirag : When days we joined in, were the golden days and peak of the radio. Speaking on air for my audiences did make me feel like a rock star. People know me by my voice and I enjoy seeing them smile when they recognize me as "that" Chirag.

Pull Quote Nirnaya: Best thing about being an RJ for me is that I get to listen to what I want. I also introduce my music through the radio and enrich the hip-hop community.