Situated in Lazimpat, this very new Italian wine bar is called PIANO PIANO, which means “slowly

slowly.” As the name suggests, the place is designed to pamper and take good care of its patrons,

slowly slowly, without rush or haste. Once you enter the restaurant you will notice the sleek design along with the warmth of a huge wooden bar, all carefully lit by tasteful lights. The smooth jazz music adds to the vibrant yet classic atmosphere, and combined with the dishes that Gianantonio Candiani sends out from the kitchen, it is really a place to relax and take it PIANO PIANO. “The menu is designed to be shared, with a lot of antipasti, or starters in Italian, to be enjoyed with a glass of wine or two. This is not just another restaurant in town, it’s an authentic contemporary wine bar that operates and serves the same food as bars in Italy,” says Candiani, a culinary veteran with 23 years of experience. With a slim menu of only 24 delicious Italian dishes that changes every week along with a carefully selected collection of wines, PIANO PIANO is a piece of Italy in the heart of Kathmandu.

Must-Try Dishes
Yak Blue cheese and caramelized onions
Scarpetta al Ragu’ di carne (buff and chicken ragout)
Orecchiette ai Broccoli e Salsiccia (traditional pasta with broccoli, cream and spicy sausages)

Dining Park


A luxurious multi-cuisine restaurant, Dining Park Restaurant and Lounge Bar is a popular venue suitable for various purposes and located in Purano Baneshwor. The restaurant caters to family gatherings, corporate get-togethers, conferences, confidential business meetings, and private rooms, along with the option of fine dining and a coffee spot. From Nepali to Indian and Chinese delights, there’s something for everyone on the menu. At Dining Park, you can enjoy a gastronomical experience that consists of a diverse tasting menu. The restaurant is also known for its desserts including chocolate mousse, caramel custard and banana split.

Must-Try Dishes
Steam Mo:Mo
Mixed Seafood Pizza
Whole Trout Fish – grilled, steamed or poached


Sapporo Japanese Restaurant

Nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac near the Russian Embassy in Baluwatar, Sapporo Japanese Restaurant is one of the best places to visit for an authentic Japanese food experience. Opened in 2017, the restaurant has quickly made its name across town for providing customers with authentic Japanese food with homey customer service. A chill place, they serve an array of traditional Japanese food sure to appeal to the most discerning taste buds. One of their signature dishes, Nabeyaki Udon, is a perfect balance of healthy and delicious homemade noodles that’s well suited for a cold Kathmandu winter. It will warm you up through and through! They even provide you with side condiments—sesame hot sauce and chili flakes—so that you can season your udon to your preferred spice level. The serving size is enough for two to four people so everyone can taste the deliciousness. All in all, Sapporo Japanese Restaurant will not disappoint and provides an authentic Japanese experience.

Must Try Dishes:
Yakisoba (Stir Fried Noodles)
Nabeyaki Udon


Noir Fennel

Smack in the middle of Lazimpat Chowk, opposite to Hotel Ambassador, Noir Fennel is a fine-dining restaurant that serves a fusion of Indian and French cuisine. They have married these two power house gastronomy models and created something totally different seen nowhere else in Kathmandu. For a quiet evening when it’s chilly out, head on to Noir Fennel and enjoy some of their delicious Seafood Chowder made with calamari, crabs and carrots in a rich and creamy broth with added garlic toasted croutons and parsley butter. The soup is rich and the toasted croutons are seasoned with the perfect amount of garlic. Dip them in the chowder or eat them as is or spread with parsley butter, we won’t judge.

Must-try Dishes
Seafood Chowder
Le Cordon Bleu Biryani (Biryani inside a Chicken Cordon Bleu)
Les Epinard (made with spinach, tamarind sauce, yogurt and crunchy potato)

Hadi Biryani

A perfect blend of spice and delicious protein is sure to help us achieve our winter food goals: rich, tasty, filling and warming is what we need. So head on over to Hadi Biryani in Dillibazar and order their new and exciting entrée never before seen in the Nepalese market, the Nalli Nihari with a side of Khamiri Roti. This is a staple dish in Lucknow: a flawless blend of spices and goat meat that’s perfect to warm up your body during the cold winter weather. The goat is slow cooked so that the bone marrow becomes soft enough to mix with the broth that is prepared using varied ingredients and spices. The roti on the other hand is soft and fluffy, topped with butter for that extra burst of flavor. Though a little spicy, the dish itself presents a perfect amalgamation of spiciness, meatiness and the sense of warmth you get while eating the dish. You can also get these dishes delivered or pick them up for takeaway. 

Must-Try Dishes
Chicken Biryani 
Chicken Malai Tikka 
Nalli Nihari