Summer comes with a package of warm weather, heavy monsoon, and overall pleasantness. But, summer also has some demerits. If you’re not careful enough, you might end up looking like a melting wax figurine, just humidity and sweat things. In summer, it is next to impossible to look the same at the end of the day as you looked at the beginning. But, nobody can stop us from looking cute, not even the weather. These are some makeup tips for you to follow in order to steal hearts and catch wistful sighs and stolen glances of admiration.

1.Start using Sunscreen

If you don’t already use sunscreen, then start using it! Sunscreen is literally the holy grail of skincare during sunny summer days. Not only does it decrease the risk of developing skin cancer, but it also helps to keep the skin tone even and reduces spots and skin discolorations. It also slows down the process of aging, so ladies, use sunscreen so that people can catch us wrinkle-free and hot in our 40s!

2.Avoid Full Coverage Foundations

Full coverage foundations in the summer are a huge no-no, due to humidity, but go on, use them if you want to look like leather-face and prance around like a Halloween clown. Use light weight foundations that match your skin tone. Good lightweight foundations give you an even, air-brushed look, and make your skin look more natural and less cakey.

3.Focus on Lighter Shades

Stop using heavy rich shades around the eyes for a summery makeup. It is not suitable, and I promise that you’ll end up looking like Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Use peachy pastel or nude colors. They will give you a cheery, but naïve, aura, and do not forget to use oil-free eye shadow primers.

4.Blush! Blush!

Use peach and orange-yellow shades for blushers this season. Honestly, blush is such an important finishing touch for a makeup look. Just a few swipes and it brightens up your entire face and highlights your facial features to give you a soft look. Blush can also be the only thing you wear during some of those tiresome days where you feel like a sloth.

5.Bronze it Out

If you are not feeling the blush, then bronzer it is! Bronzer is actually suitable for both summer and winter seasons, so it’s a pretty handy product. Bronzer, if applied strategically, can give you a glow-y sun-kissed look. Bronzer highlights the cheekbones and helps to chisel out your features, and it also adds warmth and dimension to your face. A little dab on your cheekbones, and you are set to give out the illusion of having high sun-kissed cheekbones.

6.Lippy Tints

Say goodbye to your matte lip products, ‘cause in summer, matte is not it. And also, choose light shades for lipstick, unless you’re going out for night parties. You can use light-colored lip tints and add gloss or lip balms over it. Lip tints are very useful for summer days, as there is no fear of it smudging and making a mess.

7.Set it out

If you are wearing foundation and all that, ladies, please use setting spray, I beg of you. A good setting spray defies time and temperature. It avoids your makeup look from creasing or smudging. Girls, scared of sweating off your makeup? Do not fear, ‘cause setting spray is here.

Also, do not forget to invest in waterproof makeup products. Enjoy your summer and look flawless, turn heads, break hearts!