Priyanka Karki

The Queen Beeof the glamor industry, Priyanka Karki, considers Laxmi Puja to be her favorite Tihar day, and she is all set to make a breathtaking rangoli, light up the house, and enjoy with the deusi- bhailo groups, as always. The actress says, “I love the vibe of that day and the way it unfolds—the crackers, the diyos, and every single instant of the day makes me cherish those moments.” The diva enjoys eating sweets every Tihar, and ladoos and jalebis are her favorites. She enjoys the playing of bhailo by little girls, and shares, “When I was twelve years old, I remember going out to play bhailo with other kids from my neighborhood and dancing to ZindaganiDarpanChaya and making great money!”

Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari will be celebrating the festival with her family and close friends. The actress is packed with the shooting of Kolhapur Express, which is lined up right after Tihar, and thus has decided to leave no stones unturned to have a boisterous time with her near and dear ones this Tihar. For Keki, Bhai Tika is her favorite Tihar day, and she has plans to go to her mama-ghar for the celebration of Kukur Tihar, where she will celebrate the day with her uncle’s dog Bruno. The five days of celebrations, the night of colorful lights, the warmth, and the worship are what Tihar signifies to the actress.

Malina Joshi

Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi, will have a working Tihar this year, and won’t be able to celebrate it with her family as she is flying to the U.S.A. However, Laxmi Puja is an important day for her this Tihar, as her most-awaited movie, Rani,is releasing on this day. The smell of marigold flowers, selrotis, crackers, lights, laughter, and feasts are what make Tihar so exhilarating to the actress. When asked about her favorite part of Tihar, the actress shared, “I love Mha Puja. It’s the time when we get to worship ourselves, because we believe that there is a god within each one of us, and of course, the bhoj after that!”


Vinay Shrestha

Actor Vinay Shresthaof ReshamFilili fame, who has just completed the second shooting schedule of his upcoming movie ‘Romeoand Muna’ in the U.S., is planning a short vacation with his family this Tihar. Last year, it was his first Tihar after his wedding, so it was more of a dinner and meeting with his extended family of in-laws. For the actor, the festival is all about family bonding and togetherness, and he considers Bhai Tika as his favorite day, where he receives tika from his sister. Walking down memory lane, Vinay reveals that, during his school days he had an all-night deusi session and lost his voice the next day as a result.

 Esha Khadka Choudhari

“I missed the celebrations and excitement last year, so I’ve decided to double-up my fun this festival. I love Bhai Tika. I put tika on my first cousins. I get immense happiness on this day though I get sort of sad as this is the last day of the festival. It’s a mixed feeling,” said Esha Khadka Chowdhry. The model loves dogs, and thus observes Kukur Tihar by feeding stray dogs.

Mala Lama

For Mala Limbu, Tihar is a celebration of love and unity with the family, relatives, and friends. As always, she’ll be celebrating Kukur Tihar with her dog Marchy, and is flying to Dharan for the Bhai Tika celebration with her brother. The actress added, “This festival makes me nostalgic whenever I see little girls playing bhailo, which makes me recollect my own instances as a child.”