February—the month of love—is here with a breeze. The bond between the hearts, whether it be towards family, friends, or that special someone, is the love that we value the most. This bond, this love, has kept us going on until now. Showing feelings of love, affection, friendship,and appreciation for the people you love and adore is what makes life beautiful. Imagine your life without these special bonds! Sure would make for a dull life. Love is what makes our lives meaningful.

Yet, there remains a sense of responsibility and maturity that we need to carry out simultaneously. There will be ups and downs that we need to cope with. There comes times in life when we need to make decisions, be it good or bad, to balance our responsibility and our struggle for life; our love life.

Depicting all this, Suskera, with a real-time story in its reels, is making an entry with a bang.

It is yet another love story by Samten Bhutia, featuring Swarup Purush Dhakal and Surekshya Panta in the leading roles. It’s a love story of struggling youths, about two individuals who are completely different from one another. The movie has tried to cover the realities of life, the struggles one comes across, the decisions one needs to take, accompanied by the emotions we naturally relate to them.

Currently, Nepali movies are creating a distinct hype with positive reviews and a fair bit of success. The new launch, Suskera, seeks to win the audience’s heart by portraying a real life story, rather than fantasy. The movie, in its post-production stage now,and soon to be released, will be in both Nepali and Hindi. Purushottam Pradhan, one of the best cinematographers in the industry, is the man behind the movie.

Here are excerpts from our conversation with Suskera’s leading actors:

Is Suskera your first movie?
It’s my second movie. I debuted in the late Alok Nembang’s last movie, ‘Ajhai Pani’. I am now preparing for my next venture, ‘Dhanapati’.
Swarup: It’s my debut movie.

What made you choose movies as your career?
I am a civil engineer by profession, but I am passionate about the art field, especiallyVJ-ing, modeling, and acting.
Swarup: I am a singer and music composer. I went to Bombay to learn singing, but eventually switched to acting for two years. So, I was waiting for the right time for my break in the movie industry, and here I got an opportunity to work with Samten Bhutia.

Why choose the movie Suskera?
I was waiting for the right moment. When I read the script, I could really relate myself to the story. I was happy with the script, so I signed on for the movie.

What is the theme of the movie?
It’s a dark love story. The movie is a love story based on struggling youths, the difficult phase of life.

There are many love stories in the Nepali movie industry, what makesSuskera different from the others?
Yes, there are many love stories, but to be precise, Suskera is a love story that doesn’t stress on fantasies, but more on the real issues of life. A love story portraying the hardships the characters face while being connected with their memories of love and joy. Our main motive is to grab the audience’s sentiments.
Surakshya: The movie is natural. When we say love story, we go with an imaginative flow, with dances and filmy poses, and punches, fights, and so on. But, what happens normally between a couple, what sort of activities they do, the love scenario, the associated emotions, this natural scenario is what the movie tries to show, and what the audience can relate themselves to. So, in that way,Suskera is different.

Your experiences so far with Suskera.
Well, the movie making experience was really amazing for me. Since the movie tends to focus more on the emotions, I literally cried while taking shots. As a matter of fact, we were not allowed to use glycerin for the tears. We had to show real emotions anyhow. This was one of the biggest challenge of my life. Apart from that, I had to reduce my weight by 12kg, and I did achieve it within 26 days. This was another challenge that I took on for the movie.
Surakshya: The movie is so realistic. Like Swarup says, it was really difficult for us to bring out the real emotions. When we did, many times we used to be consoled by our director to calm our emotions down…and then back to shooting. The journey so far has been so nice, and I did learn a lot through this movie.

Final message: While the trailer is being officially launched on Feb 14,the film will be released in May. We worked really hard for the movie. We hope that audiences will love what we’ve worked on, and hope that the movie makes it big.