Gauthalika Kathaharu

Gauthalika Kathaharu is a show airing every Saturday at 7 p.m. on Himalaya TV, and each episode being uploaded on Himalaya TV’s YouTube channel the same night. The first season is made up of twelve episodes, and each episode has a different, unique, and heartwarming story.

Great television shows in Nepal traditionally started with the format of having one story ending on the same day. These short stories would end on the same episode, leaving an everlasting impression on the audience. Traditional heavyweights like the social drama of Hijo, Aajaka Kura of the 90s, or political satire of Teeto Satya of the early 2000s, dealt with variety of stories in each episode.

A collaboration between Stellar Inc. and Gauthali Ent. to bring forth 12 different short stories on characters’ journeys exploring life, love, happiness, and passions in 22 minutes, with the support of Escape Animation.

Gauthalika Kathaharu has been breaking stereotypes of televisions and all media productions, starting with their presenter, Sahayog Raj Adhikari, an actor who has a beard and dreadlocks, to the main characters, played by a Terai-based actor, and a lead female actor, who in the media would not be recognized as the main focus. Each story highlights issues that have not been dealt with before. As a young team, the stories are being scripted to reach out to all generations of Nepali people, to start discussions on these issues. When people start talking, the team considers it to be the biggest achievement, as this paves a path for change.

The young team traveled to the western Terai region to film two of their episodes, working with local non-actors, to bring forward stories relevant to that part of the country, decentralizing the stories from the Kathmandu valley. Through each of the episodes of Gauthalika Kathaharu, the young team has managed to create a variety of stories with much needed content and context in the Nepali media, i.e. untold stories of in-laws and newlyweds relationships between grandparents and grandchildren, and of course, friendships. Including non-actors and first time actors to each episode, giving opportunities to people of all ages, Gauthalika Kathaharu is a vision of inclusiveness.

As a new concept to the Nepali television industry, and being a young and unknown team, the Gauthalika Kathaharu team has struggled to bring in sponsors for the show, and without the backing of the older networks and agencies, the team members has been investing in the show themselves, not only for the sake of the completion of the show, but to also prove with hard work and determination that young people can also make a dent in the system. The team has received so much love and support from their audience with each episode, receiving messages and emails with words of encouragement, positive feedback, and also, people wanting to be part of the team in production and acting roles. With such love and appreciation Gauthalika Kathaharu’s team is determined to complete Season 1, and is looking forward to continue on to Season 2 this year, gaining more popularity and investors and sponsors.

Gauthalika Kathaharu starts with a presenter who begins with the philosophical backing of the each story which is an episode long. Setting up a world for the viewers and preparing them for the beautiful world they would be entering into. A twenty two minute short film would then follow with a proper beginning, middle and end. Each episode features a different story with different characters and a different set of world views and morals.

With the finale of the season coming up this weekend, the young team hopes to reach out to more people through the show which is geared towards, the youth, the woman and the family.

Stories dealing with young love, angst, and the various adventures of relatable, yet wonderful people. The young stories are well balanced throughout the show. Each person watching the show will be able to relate to the episodes with their own experience or be able to see other people’s perspective and learn and grow.

We wish the team of Gauthalika Kathaharu best wishes and we hope to see the continuation of young people pushing forward with hope and determination and setting an example for the rest of the youth.