The first reality show of Nepal, Pulsar Dare Venture, has recently kicked off with its first episode of the second season. The road to Taksindu is long and full of obstacles. The first of the many obstacles begins with impressing gang leaders Sanjay Gupta and Robin Tamang, as also head marshal Pasang Sherpa.

The show started with a recap of what happened in the first season of Pulsar Dare Venture. The combination of traditional Himalayan music, video shots of many beautiful landscapes, and a powerful narration was put together at the start the show. Various clips of the first season were combined together to showcase what the terrific 10 went through when riding towards their destination, Upper Mustang, along with three of the contestants being declared winners of the first season in the finale episode.

After a short commercial break, the show resumed with a gentle pause, indicating a fresh start, and a brief narration mounted the start of the second season. It continued with the title song of Season 2. Many young, daring, Pulsar enthusiasts could be seen coming to pick up their registration number, besides providing their views about the show, and what they want to achieve from it. Again, with a calm pause, this time indicating its show time, the host of the show, Subeksha Khadka, enters the balcony of the venue to welcome all the participants, and introduces them to the two gang leaders, Sanjay Gupta and Robin Tamang, who give their opinion on what they want to see and have in their gang members. The opening day concludes with the distribution of chest guards, and registration date being given to the participants.

The second day is the audition round, where the gang leaders and head marshal would be selecting participants who impress them. The participants seem to be enjoying themselves in the waiting room and relaxing a bit, before going in front of the judging panel. On the other hand, the judging panel is deciding on what factors the participants will be judged on and selected for the next round. The initial phase of the audition round seems to impress the judges, as many contestants are given bands by the gang leaders and head marshal. Some contestants shared their stories, while others rapped, danced, sang, and even told jokes to impress the judges. However, many participants, those who became nervous and couldn’t impress the judges with their talks and skills, faced elimination. The episode concluded on a high note, defining the importance of safe riding, not only to the participating riders, but also to the viewers. The next episode clip showed that the audition will continue with the next episode, and we will get to see tension mounting between the two gang leaders, as well.

Behind The Scene

The excitement level was high all around from the opening day of Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2. All the people associated with this project were highly excited behind the scene, and came early to prepare all things needed for the shoot. During the introduction and distribution of chest guards, everybody from the production team, management team, the host, and the gang members were clear about what they needed to do, and to get proper shots of the participants as per the direction of Simosh Sunuwar.

The second day of Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 was a big day, not only for the participants, but also for the judging panel. They needed to be sure of what they wanted in the participants to put them through the audition round. We really had fun during the audition round, as many participants showed their talents to impress the judges. But among all those participants, a few of them, who had never been in an interview or faced the camera before, were in the zone of nervousness, and faced elimination. The judges went to the waiting hall to encourage the participants, and pump them up, too. The day ended with many participants going through to the physical test round.

Room for Improvement

Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2 had high expectation not only in the reality phase, but also how it will be shot, edited, and shown on television. Those whom we have talked to are really impressed by how the clips of Season 1 have been compiled together with the narration and music. This really takes us back to the Upper Mustang experience that the past terrific 10 had in the first season. It has also increased the expectation of what Season 2 will offer to the viewers.

The quality of the second season shots is far better than the last season. We can see lots of cameras being used in this season, set in different directions to capture the full essence of the people present for the show. Lot of panning shots have been used, and special effects have been added to give an edgy and modern form. What the editors need to improve on the next episode is mainly the background sounds that are really disturbing. Also in the show, we saw many participants getting the band, and less elimination took place, due to which everybody will have the perception that it is easy to get into Dare Venture. Added dramas concerning participants should be incorporated, rather than that of marshals and judges, to immerse viewers into the reality based show.