New Year’s almost upon us, it’s time to say goodbye to 2017, and what better way to do it than by throwing a party in your own home? A house party should be the ultimate social gathering. Unlike a club or lounge, you are in control. The music, the guest list, the hours for indulgent fun, all the details are in your hand. But, with such fun comes responsibility, as well. Handle everything in the right way, which will ensure that everyone has a good time. Throwing a house party is not as daunting as it seems! Here are some key points you should keep in mind.

1.Planning! Planning! Planning!

Before having any sort of social event, plans are always made. The best way to organize a house party is to plan it out well. Whether you are staying alone, or have roommates, sit down and make lists and organize. Think about the space, music, guest list, neighbors, food, music, booze, and many more things. Minor details are important, as being organized on the day of the party will ensure you have a blast.

2.Be Selective with Your Guest List

Throwing a party does not mean it has to crowded with people wall to wall. This may end up in a mess that you do not want to deal with! Make a list of the jobs that have to be done at your party and friends who can fill up those roles. Organized neatness freaks who will keep the cleanliness in line, people who don’t drink and can act as designated drivers. But, don’t forget that since you are throwing the party, it will primarily be your responsibility to act as the best host possible.

3.Food and Drinks Should Be On Point

When planning a party, there should be a good quantity of high quality food. You should have a variety that will please both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. If you are a good cook and have help, then cook your dream menu. Otherwise, takeout is the best way to go! When it comes to drinks, there are various options. If you are providing the drinks, then make sure you invest and have a good selection. Or, you could ask people to get their own choice of alcohol. Sharing is caring!

4. Make the Ultimate Party Playlist

No party would be complete without the ultimate party playlist. Of the utmost importance—no one wants to stay at a party when the music is bad and the atmosphere is worse. Make a super long playlist the night before and stick it on just as your first guests arrive. If you’re feeling really creative, you can time the playlist so you have a few hours of relaxing tunes, then some beats to get everyone dancing, then a final hour or two of mellow music to round things off. Also, making a playlist minimizes the chances of any of your guests grabbing your music player and playing their own jams. If you’re still feeling lazy, hit up any music streaming service and listen to their prepared music playlists!

5. Don’t Get Totally Wasted

This is one of the key rules to hosting a party! When you are the host, you should be having a good time, but not so much that you are falling,wwstumbling, and puking all over the place. It is easy to get carried away, but you must remember your duties as a host, and the responsibility that comes with it. Even if you choose to get drunk, make sure you have someone who can take over your hosting duties. This is your time to shine, interact with others, and have the best party of your life!

6. Have a Blast

Last, but not the least, have fun! You have planned everything with so much precision, and now it’s time to enjoy. Have fun with your friends and family and involve everyone. Play some games to break the ice, or even throw a theme party to liven things up a bit. Leave all the cleaning for the next day, and usher in the New Year with a night filled with fun and laughter!