The smell of Yakizana, grilled fish; Yakitori, grilled chicken pieces on skewer; Onigiri, rice balls and a Burmese noodle soup wafted through the air at Moksh on 11 December, where the Oriental Day took place. Children could be seen laughing and playing, rolling around trying to copy the Aikido and Karate moves that they’d just seen while the grownups could be seen lazing in the Saturday afternoon sun holding bottles of Asahi, Tiger or Singha Beer.

The Oriental Fest at Moksh brought in different kinds of people from all walks of life. All cultures and ethnicities came together on this day, and celebrated the diverse nature of life. The crowd seemed to love the performances put up by the organizers. From the Nepali dances to the Kendo act to even the Japanese drums performance, the crowd gave a huge round of applause after the end of every act.

Through a voting contest, Singha Beer won the most satisfied nods from visitors. The festival went on through the evening and into the night and ended at 8 pm. By then, the number of visitors had dwindled to only a few, but the day was a success nevertheless