Lalitpur, 3 March
The opening ceremony of two photo exhibition, “The Playhouses of Our Grandparents” by Nicolas Henry and “How Much Can You Carry” by Floriane de Lassee was held together at Image Ark on 3 March. Both of the exhibition portrayed human and cultural aspects from different parts of the globe.
The photographs of “How Much Can You Carry” were aimed at the people who carry heavy burdens on their head, as if they were carrying their own life. “I created installations out of what fills in their burden, symbolizing ordeals we experience throughout life” said Floriane. On the other hand, “The Playhouses of Our Grandparents” was set off due to the photographer’s personal quest to seek out and meet the elders, giving them a voice. The nine photographs displayed in each theme were taken inside and outside Nepal.
The event gathered the considerable crowd who appreciated the concept the photographers came with. “The best part of the exhibition was the love and cooperation given by the visitors” said the Curator, Ingrid Chiron.
The photo exhibition will continue till 28 March.