Quixote’s Cove in collaboration with the US Embassy organized a night of poetry slam titled “Word Warriors: On the Road” on December 10 at the House of Music. The event saw the powerful poetic mastery of two American slam poets Danny Solis and Matt Mason.The night started with the Nepali poet, Nayan Sindhuliya’s poem, “Maile Nalekheko Kavita” followed by one of the finalists, Ujjawala Maharjan reciting her poem, “Speak Out”. Kailash Pandey entertained the audience with his rendition of “Resham Firiri” on flute. The American slam poets had the audience with splits when they took center stage. Some of their poems were hilarious like Mason’s “Poets are scared of monkeys” while some were poignant like Solis’s “Fat Albert”. Their body language, expressions and voice modulations had the audience captivated.

The evening continued with three Nepali poets Gaurab Subba, Yanik Shrestha and Aidray (Lyrics In The Pen Dense) reciting each one of their poems. The trio’s hip-hop performance mixed with beat-boxing, guitar and Solis’s poetry were the highlights of the event. The evening concluded with an open mike for the audience.