Kathmandu, 25 January
Hyatt Hotel introduced its special lobby menu for the month of January on Friday. According to the Executive Chef Subrata Debnath, the selection of the menu was to highlight the seasonal harvests of the season and that patrons can now look forward to different delights every month.
Strawberries took centre stage for the month of January and possibly February. For desserts, a French platter consisting of a strawberry tart, strawberry pastry slice and a strawberry flambé was served. There was also strawberry chocolate parfait and these desserts can be enjoyed a la carte.
Kraft Corn bread sandwich with four different fillings, and served with potato chips was offered – tuna flakes with marinated onions, coriander, tomato and lemon juice, shredded chicken with organic lettuce and mayonnaise, sautéed cottage cheese with green bell pepper and mint chutney and Greek salad with milk feta cheese and greens. The sandwich and strawberry flambé was prepared and served fresh upon order by pastry chef Anil Man Gubhaju. 
The food and desserts are available at the hotel lobby from noon to 6:00 pm.