26 August, Kathmandu

Great food, on a Friday, at a windy Cloud nine terrace lounge on a summer evening, is the perfect recipe for relaxation. Hotel Shambala’s BBQ Fridays provides exactly that to the guests. The inaugural BBQ Friday took place and was sure to be the trailblazer, for more Friday’s to come, promising us delectable food, on a serene mood. The evening featured live Band Notation, who provided guests with ambient music, floating around the atmosphere as you feel the tranquil Kathmandu wind caress your face, while you enjoy your succulent barbecue. The menu included a mix of the old and new, as it was more than a traditional barbecue, and variety wasn’t lacking. If you still weren’t full enough with the barbecue you had the option to chow down on dinner, which also included a impressive set of dishes. Cloud nine was buzzing with satisfaction, as everyone who attended seemed to love the event, and looked as though they couldn’t wait for another Friday to come.