With beautiful decorations from Masala Beads and plentiful of music, the life of Jazz Didi – Vidhea Shrestha – was celebrated at Moksh on 18 December. Music, Art and Healing: A Benefit Concert in Memory of  Vidhea Shrestha collected acclaimed poets, artists and musicians under one night sky. The evening commenced with a musical blend from Guru Dev Kamat and Kutumba followed by the Double Aces. Garima Gurung Shah and friends, 1974 AD, Dinesh and the Sound Minds and April Rush delighted the audience with their tribute to Vidhea Shrestha. The unique mix of Lyrics Independence and JCS Trio along with Merethe had the audience grooving while the poetry from Viplob Pratik struck the emotional chord of all present.

Renowned artist Karl Knapp presented his installation where he made the three organs most susceptible to cancer: heart, lungs and brain on the ground through the use of flour. The installation was done in such a way that people were prone to stepping on it. This, Knapp said, was a part of his installation and of reminding that if not careful in real life, their organs would also be damaged in the same way that his art was. And, while the musical affair went on, in a corner of the venue, Krishna Thing worked on his canvas painting his interpretation of the evening.

Those who didn’t know Vidhea Shrestha personally were able to see a glimpse of her in a short video clip presented during the event. “Celebrate my death just like you celebrated my life,” Vidhea said in the video. Music, Art and Healing was able to live up to Vidhea’s words and also to direct the celebration into a generous act of giving and helping the victims of cancer.

The proceeds from this benefit concert went for Children’s Cancer Care headed by Dr. Rajendra Baral, Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Head of Cancer Care Unit at B&B Hospital, Gwarko.