Close Up hosted a party for Abesh Adhikari, winner of the “Close Up Coolest Friend Contest” on Monday. The party was held at The Factory, Thamel. Nepal’s ‘Coolest Friend’ invited 35 of his friends for the private party.

Close Up had started a month-long Facebook campaign on Friendship Day, 5 August, aiming to find Nepal’s ‘Coolest Friend’ on Facebook. To participate, enthusiasts had to post any cool message with the words “najeek aauu” in it and get as many friends to like it as possible. The person with the most likes would be the winner. The main aim of this was to find themost active person on Facebook who manages to get maximum number of friends to like his post. The winner got an all-expenses paid private party for 35 friends, and first and second runner-ups won movie tickets at QFX Cinemas for 15 and five friends respectively. The winner, Abesh Adhikari, won with 322 likes. The first runner-up, Sneha Agrawal got 216 likes, while the second runner-up, Keshab Bhattarai, got 83 votes.

Thanking the entire team, the winner shared, “I would like to thank everyone from Close Up and The Factory for this awesome party I’m having with my friends. I will definitely remember this throughout my life!”