Cobweb made a rare acoustic appearance at 8 Degrees Fine Dining and Restaurant in Jhamsikhel. Titled Cobweb Acoustic Ensemble 2012, the live musical affair marked the 20th anniversary of the uniting of Cobweb. Following an earlier acoustic ensemble at 1905, a couple months back, the gig at 8 Degrees marked the second and maybe the last of the acoustic renditions. Our music has always been categorized as hard and loud, one that doesn’t usually fit in for a family gathering so this time along with the help of other equally talented musicians we came up with this idea of doing an acoustic show altogether,said Nilesh Joshi, one of the band members.
Apart from the four faces of Cobweb, six other artists filling up the keys, background vocals and percussion came together to create a bright tone free from the usual overdrive. Likewise, Ritesh Krishna Shrestha of 8 Degrees was ecstatic to see it happen. We had worked this out with Cobweb about a year ago and to see it happen today is a dream come true, Shrestha shared. Friends and family grooved with the Cobweb Ensemble over beer and BBQ on a winter Friday evening.