The Republica Corporate Snooker Week came to a close on Friday the 10th with Prabhu Finance’s SanojMoktan as the winner. Playing against Himalayan Bank Ltd’sRaywantBahadur Singh in the finals held at Hotel Radisson, Sanoj won the four of the seven frames: 2nd-(73-24),3rd(67-43),5th (62-39) and 7th(65-45). RaywantBahadur Singh- the runner up, played well for the 3 frames he won; opening with 50-46, winning with 88-36 on the fourth frame and battering his fellow cueman with an amazing 103-23 in the 6th frame. But with Mr. Moktan’s combination of confidence, concentration and technique at the table, it was set to be a victory day for Prabhu Finance.  The cheers and jeers of the friends and family members who had come to support the players, made the event all the more exciting. After the game, the players shook hands and later in the evening joined the organizers and theother players of the knock-out event for a prize ceremony at Hotel Radisson. Mr. Moktan received a cash prize of Rs 10,000 while the winners of the different categories were also awarded.

Nepal Republic Media in association with Hotel Radisson had organized the tournament for the first time in an effort to improve and strengthen business relations between different corporate groups in the country. Supporting the event were Billiards Snooker & Pool Association of Nepal and Photo Concern. Media partners of the event were Image Channel and Friday magazine. (Sampada K.C.)