The Dance4Life initiative by Restless Development (Nepal) ended on a high note on 27 November. The event, held at the Garden of Dreams was indeed a magical one. The initiative was launched to inspire young people to act against HIV and AIDS.

On this evening, students from different schools who had been selected by Restless Development (Nepal) were united, and together they danced to celebrate taking responsibility for their own lives and those of others. The event was supposed to have been telecast live via satellite to other countries where similar Dance4Life events were taking place at the same time, but due to a technical problem this could not happen. Nevertheless, the event was still a big success as all the students learnt a lot.

The chief guest Sushil JB Rana, Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ravindra Shakya, Country Director, Restless Development, spoke on how pleasing it was to see young people take an active role in battling social problems.

The speeches were followed by performances by the students. Some chose to sing while others chose to dance. At the end, Albatross, the brand ambassador of the initiative, added their musical magic to the evening.

Overall, the technical glitch discounting, the event was a grand success.