Inheriting Statelessness, a third solo exhibition by Saroj Bajracharya was inaugurated at Park Gallery Pulchowk by eminent artist Puran Khadka. The exhibition includes 15 paintings based on the artist’s interpretation of non-belongingness. A book on an art project “Future of History” written by Mukesh Malla and Saroj Bajracharya was also released during this event. The event took place in a simple setting with a gathering of mostly young artists.

On the occasion, Khadka pensively communicated his opinion that art is easier to those who do not understand and difficult for those who try understanding it. The guest of honor Mukesh Malla, a renowned art critic, said that there are only a few in Nepal who do thorough research before painting. Bajracharya, according to him is in the forefront in conceptualizing fresh approach in painting. According to him Bajracharya has commenced his own schooling that has influenced numerous young artists in Nepal.

This exhibition will continue until 5 October.