Lalitpur, 25 January
Diwas Gurung’s second of the scheduled performances in Nepal with members of his former band Albatross concluded on Friday. The show also included guest artists Nitesh Linkha Rai (Manager—Albatross), Bikash Bhujel from Underside and Kismat Shrestha from KJC Trio. The show performed in front of a jam-packed crowd at Moksh Live Restaurant and Bar in Jhamsikhel included not only his solos from folk-fusion album Rato Mato, but also numbers from Albatross, Ayurveda and also Rage Against the Machine. With music ranging from Nepali folk fusion to head fuelling metal, the show had something for everyone. Gurung also sung numbers like “Chyangba”, “Sanjhako Belama”, “Asare Mahinama” from his solo album Rato Mato, “Bomb track” by Rage Against the Machine, “Freedom Looks Good on Paper” by Albatross and “Universal Mind”, “Two Minutes in Heaven” and “White” by Ayurveda.
Having been a part of one of most successful Nepali rock bands in its early days and later one of the founding members of the American band—Ayurveda and currently in a band called Photoreal, Gurung is mostly known in Nepal for his folk fusion.