Held in BhrikutiMandap, the SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement (SAPTA) took place from 15th Dec, 2010 to 19th Dec, 2010. The 8 member nations of SAARC were fully loaded with goods that ranged from garments to handicrafts to accessories to household and even house furnishing products, which were sold out. There were textiles, kurtha, carpets, herbal medicines, bamboo products, hand weaved fibers, shawls and pottery. “We really liked the quality of the garments. We didn’t know there so many kind of fibers.” said a customer. 

SAPTA helped in enhancing the economic opportunities in the SAARC members. “The 10th SAARC Trade fare helped the member nations to explore, discover and develop trade within them” was what one of the stall owners had to say. Moreover, there was delicious food, cultural events as well as entertainment activities going on which added flavor to this event.