Director Deborah Merola’s adaptation of Athol Fugards play ‘Master Harold and the boys’ was performed at the premises of Moksh, Jhamsikhel. The performance was a special screening for students and the performances continued till 3 June.

The plot is one that is set in apartheid South Africa and it explores the relationship between a young white boy, Master Harold (Hally), and his middle-aged black servants Sam and Willie.

The play opened in an English style tearoom in the 1950s, where Sam and Willie, played by Rajkumar Pudasaini and Ashant Sharma respectively, are cleaning the room. A childish banter among the two prompts Hally’s entry, played by Alan Gurung. As the environment around them revolves around judgments on the basis of race, these three characters struggle to maintain their friendship.

The themes of identity that the apartheid era South Africa setting explores were an insightful perspective contextual for the Nepali audience that is currently struggling to understand issues of ethnic identity.