The corporate houses shutdown their laptops, abandoned their briefcases, suits and ties, stripped down to their shorts and tees, drove down to the beach at Riverside Springs Resort to challenge one another to a game of Beach Volleyball. On the white sands of the Trisuli, standing tall were the teams of Everest Bank Limited, Hotel de l’Annapurna, Chilime Hydropower, Himalayan Bank Limited, Manakamana Darshan, Kumari Bank Limited, Ncell Pvt. Ltd., Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Shangrila Cricket Academy, United Insurance Limited, National Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd., Nepal Republic Media, NIC Bank Limited, Island Jungle Resort, KIST Bank Limited, Sherpa Outdoors, Himalayan Distilleries and Nanglo International Pvt. Ltd.

The teams were divided into pools: there were five teams in Pool A and Pool D where as Pool B and Pool C consisted of four teams each. On Friday, the first round aced off, with eight teams making it to the quarter finals that took place on Saturday. The evening saw a Caribbean Poolside Party where everyone danced to the tunes of DJ B-man.

The tournament continued on Sunday with the team from Kumari Bank Limited emerging champions. Each member of the winning team won themselves a Blackberry smart phone (sponsored by Ncell) along with various other gift vouchers and a trophy. The team from Hotel de l’Annapurna stood second and was voted the most athletic team in the tournament.