“Slowly but surely, the modern Nepali as well as the expatriate and foreign community are embracing the tapas culture in Nepal. I will hold these fiestas when I procure special meat from travelling acquaintances from Spain, or every few months till hopefully I am able to hold a tapas fiesta every other weekend,” the proprietor, Bibhushan Raj Joshi shared.
This fiesta saw the introduction of Pincho de Pollo (skewered chicken cubes), fuet (sausage of pork meat in pork gut) and Lon Goniza (Spanish sausage), along with the usual favourites – Tortilla de Calabacin (zucini omelette), Bomba Patata, Croquetta de pollo, Jamon, Chorizo, Al Bondigas con salsa de tomato (meatballs with tomato salsa), Girgola a la Plancha (grilled mushrooms), Queso Manchego (cheese), Lomo (tenderloin) and Natillas (Spanish custard) for dessert.